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Authentic Taste

Bringing the taste of Lebanese food to the center of California, Anaheim, and about two miles away from the happiest place on earth “Disney Land”, Little Arabia opened in 2014.

Food is Memories

Mediterranean food in general, and Lebanese cuisine in particular, are famous for their healthy ingredients and rich flavors. And Little Arabia has a main goal in its mission, which is taking you on a trip to visit Lebanon while still in California.

Cooking is Love

Preparing the most delicious Lebanese dishes as if you were having them in Lebanon. The age of Lebanese cuisine thousands of years, where different cultures and civilizations participated in creating this variety of dishes and indulging tastes that we have today.

Their daily special on Tuesday with lamb shank and delicious rice is the day you should come here. Very fresh and enjoyable for family setting. The neighboring desert place has amazing crepes.

Sarah R.

Very good taste, first time here I did like the food too much, customer service not that much there were two ladies serving the customers one of them was so nice
Owner Naser is a very nice person , he looks expert and helpful. Definitely I will be back if god wills and I will recommend it to the friends
We did order the safieha balbaki it was so good and fresh
So the chees and the zaatar, very good place.

Babil J.

This is for sure my favorite middle eastern restaurant. Amazing food, great service and atmosphere, and outstanding staff. Their prices are much cheaper than other middle eastern restaurants in the area, which is surprising since their food is better than other middle eastern restaurants in the area too. A definite dish to try is the meat Kebseh. It has amazing flavor with a perfectly cooked piece of lamb. If you’re ever craving authentic and clean middle eastern food, Little Arabia is the place to come!

Yousif H.

Came here for my gf and i anniversary. Amazing and great quality food, i enjoyed every single bite. One of the best lebanese spots ive ever tried. I will definitely be coming back here to try more or their dishes. Definitely recommend it.

Juan C.

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